Ricki Lake on “The Business of Being Born”

Ricki Lake and Keri Russell arrive to do the red carpet for Ricki’s film, “The Business of Being Born,” the title of which makes me think that it’s probably fascinating, but also extremely terrifying, involving lots of body juices. When Ricki was on the Today show recently to promote the film’s release, she explained the motivation behind the movie. “I’m raising some really major questions about the medical system and whether it’s really servicing mothers and babies as well as it could.” Ricki is all smiles and good cheer here in the pix, but poor Keri looks kind of spent. It’s almost as if all her strength were in her curls and with straight hair, she’s pretty much vanquished.

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More photos from the the NYC Screening of “Business of Being Born” are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images

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