Ricky Martin Wants To Party Like It’s 1999 With Prince

Everybody’s got an idol. For pop-superstar Ricky Martin that idol is none other than Prince. Martin told Digital Spy that working with Prince would be the ultimate dream come true. He told the mag:

“Just give me 30 seconds on the stage with that man and I’ll make some noise. That’s all I’m asking for! He is the ultimate collaboration. He’s everything; talent, sexiness, ambiguity – all in one man. He’s awesome.”

Prince is pretty awesome. As is Ricky. A piece of my life was spent rollerblading to his first album, so it’s exciting for me that he’s starting to get super popular again. Ricky seemed to lay low for a bit, having babies, and coming out if the closet. He told Jay Leno that being a closeted sex symbol was really tough for him. Currently he’s on a European tour. You check out some super sexy Ricky Martin pics from his performance in Amsterdam in our gallery.

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Back to Prince and Ricky: can someone make that happen? OMG! Imagine them doing like a mash-up of “When Doves Cry” and “Livin La Vida Loca”!!!!! I’m hearing it in my head and I love it. What are your thoughts on a Ricky/Prince duet? Any other artists you’d love to hear paired up? Let us know in the comments.