Rick Solomon Is A Skank

Rick, Rick, Rick. A man who is so in love with himself, and especially his own appendage.

Internet porn purveyor Rick Salomon has shown the world that he can have sex with Paris Hilton. Now he wants to conquer her sister in skank-itude, Christina Aguilera. “I love her,” Salomon gushed on Howard Stern’s show yesterday. “I’ve never met her, but I mean if I could be with any girl, I’d be with her for sure.”

Salomon also blabbed that he bedded Drew Barrymore “when she was, like, 15 and I was, like, 20 . . . I think I got her when she was pretty darn hot.” The caddish ex-husband of Shannen Doherty also claimed to have slept with model/actress Devon Aoki and former Playboy model Nicole Lenz. [NYP]

Ewww. Ewww. Ewww. First of all, Christina’s not gonna do you (well maybe if you throw in another woman, and promise not to videotape it). Second, blabbing that you bedded Drew Barrymore when she was 15 “when she was pretty darn hot,” is just sick. It’ looks like Rick was channelling R Kelly with that comment. Third, after choosing to release the Paris tape on the internet, you’re going to have to settle on fucking only the D-List stars (i.e. pretty much who you’ve been fucking all along – Nicole Lenz anyone?).