Rick Fox Tears Up On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Last night’s Elimination Round on Dancing With The Stars brought on the entertainment.  Oh yes.

Team Apolo danced for the judges again, and brought on the MC Hammer pants like it was no one’s business.  Well played.

There were awards handed out for Most Dramatic Moment (Marie Osmond fainting), Best Worst Dancer (Kenny Mayne), and Best Dancer Transformation (Louis Van Amstel for chopping off his Fabio locks).

Little Miss Taylor Swift sang us not one, but two whole songs, and there was no Kanye to interrupt her.

Most bizarre moment of the night?  Taking my eyes away from the TV for literally 30 seconds, and looking up again to see the entire cast of Mary Poppins dancing a jig to “Step In Time.”  What??

However, despite the entertainment, this was elimination night.  I was scared for Kyle & Chelsea, but they were safe!  Then, who did go home?

Rick & Cheryl!  It’s too bad, because I had just started liking them.  They started out pretty consistently boring, but then on Monday,  Rick put on his The Mask outfit, and creepily danced his way into our hearts.  Poor Cheryl – she’s always stuck with awkwardly tall athletes.

Rick was extremely gracious, and even cried during his speech.  Maybe the tears were from making out with Cheryl the night before.  Unsure.

Either way, next week is Instant Dance – the dancers know they style of dance they need to perform, but not their song, which should make for some crazy, two-hour-filling fun.  Get excited!