Rick Fox And Cheryl Burke Make Out On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Well, not completely.

Dancing With The Stars has found even more ways to take up those two hours this week.  Apparently, last night was the 200th episode of the show, and we were treated to over 50 previous stars of the show?  Lucky us!

Guess who was there?  Lance Bass!  I was hoping Joey Fatone would make an appearance and *N SYNC could blow up the world with awesome, but it was not so.  Oh yea, Jake Pavelka showed his face.  Surprise!  I bet you thought he was the last person to go on TV.   I thought that fad had passed.  Le sigh.

The professionals came out with a rendition of Crazy In Love, and it was the highlight of the night.  No, I take that back – Kyle & Lacey were fantastic, and my favorite per usual, with a fantastic, sexy, and aggressive version of Mel B’s Pasa Doble.  They killed it, and Kyle was so happy!

The dancers were split into two teams – Team Kristi Yamaguchi and Team Apolo Ohno.  It was all very fun and all, but I can barely keep track of 2 dancers at a time, never mind 6.  Team Apolo won, because they were more fun and had little mini flavor-savers just like their namesake.

Bristol & Mark were all kinds of adorable, and Kelly Osbourne totally befriended Bristol.  She is also my new best friend.  No, really.  Also, I’m still going to drive home that Bristol and Mark are dating.  Just watch, it’ll become a rumor.

Rick looked like the giant love child of Gumby and the Jolly Green Giant, Brandy looked like Serena van der Woodsen with that slit up to there, and Jennifer looked like “a Phoenix, rising from her ashes, and more splendid than ever!”  Thank you, Bruno.

Also, everyone made out tonight.  Really.

This is getting hard now.  Personally, I’m rooting for Kyle & Lacey because they seem to have the most fun out of everyone, but the elders are bringing up the lead.  Who will go home tomorrow night?