Richie Sambora Comes Undone While Getting Unplugged


An episode that took place during Bon Jovi’s MTV Unplugged performance may have been the one that ultimately sent Richie Sambora back to rehab. During the taping of the show, Sambora appeared to be less-than-alert and required multiple retakes. Eventually, his microphone was simply turned off to avoid any mishaps.

Someone privy to the scene on Tuesday told that Sambora looked out of it the whole time and, as the New Jersey-rooted rockers were launching into “Wanted Dead or Alive,” Sambora couldn’t keep up and Jon Bon Jovi had to call for another take. And then another, just to make sure.

Lucky for me, I can do my job drunk, naked, dead or alive. In fact, I’m doing three out of four at the moment. Always.