Richie Sambora’s Face Isn’t The Only Thing That Got Busted

Richie Sambora is giving drunk-driving a bad name. The recently rehabbed (that worked) Bon Jovi guitarist was pulled over last night in Laguna Beach for driving erratically, and arrested for driving whilst intoxicated. Dumbass had his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car. Alcoholism is a disease and rehab is for quitters, but howabout you leave the kids at home before you conduct the booze train, Rich?

“There were three females in the car, two of them were juveniles,” Laguna Beach Sgt. Jason Kravetz reported.

Someone turned up drunk at the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party! Sambora will have to appear in court on May 7. Ava is his daughter with ex-wife Heather Locklear. You may remember the hot drama that ensued when Richie took up with Heather’s former best friend, Denise Richards. He better pray Heather’s not vindictive because bitch could have a never-see-your-daughter-again field day with this one.

Photos: WENN