Richie Gets Four Days In The Big House


So, Nicole Richie’s going to jail for four days. If I did the same thing but was shooting off a pistol, would I only get eight? Four days? Would a regular person get more time do you think?

A court commissioner sentenced Richie to serve four days in the City or County Jail (her choice!) — she got credit for a fifth day, for the six hours she served after being busted.Richie was also fined $2,048, was ordered back to school for 21 days to an alcohol education course and on three years probation. Richie must report to serve her time by September 28.

The commissioner issued Richie a stern warning, telling her if she she drove drunk again and she actually killed someone she could be charged with murder — not manslaughter. That’s because after her first DUI, Richie agreed that if she drove under the influence and killed someone, she’d be nailed for murder.

And apparently it was confirmed that this chick’s due in January. Four days. Hmmm. She showed up for this court date looking like Audrey Hepburn, sans George Peppard or long cigarette holder. She’s still shady.