Richie Rich Fashion Show Mess Saved By JWOWW And Johnny Weir

The Richie Rich fashion show yesterday was such a hot mess it actually made the Fug Girls utter the words “Oh, thank God, it’s JWOWW” when the Jersey Shore star closed the show in a sparkly see-through dress. What preceded that finale was basically a 3-hour glitter orgy. It included opera performances, interpretive dancing and a performance by the Harlem James Gang…before any clothes even appeared in the show! And when the clothes DID finally appear, they was nary a model fully covered (save for socialite Tinsley Mortimer). I mean, his shows are usually over-the-top, but a half-time song by Richie himself which included the line, “My name is Richie Rich and my favorite color is glitter?” Too much.

PHOTOS: Half-Naked Pamela Anderson Walks In Richie Rich Fashion Show

And of course, where there’s glitter and dancing, there’s Johnny Weir! The figure skater appeared at the very end of the show in a loincloth. Well, I won’t explain more: these photos speak for themselves! Happy Fashion Week!