Richards Remains “Shattered”

Doing the familiar dance of damage control, Michael Richards struggles with the aftermath of his racial tirade. And, who does one turn to, when one has up and offended an entire nation? One contacts the Rev. Jesse Jackson, of course. From CNN:

Richards appeared on the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s nationally syndicated radio program, “Keep Hope Alive,” as a part of a series of apologies for the incident. He said he knew his comments hurt the black community, and hoped to meet with the two men. He told Jackson that he had not used the language before. “That’s why I’m shattered by it. The way this came through me was like a freight train. After it was over, when I went to look for them, they had gone. And I’ve tried to meet them, to talk to them, to get some healing,” he said.

Well, at least Michael’s in good hands. If anyone can work some magic for him, you know Jesse Jackson can.

Richards ‘shattered’ by his racial tirade []