Richard Gere’s Booty is Ready for Its Close-Up

August 23rd, 2007 // 8 Comments


Richard Gere recently had to show off his bare behind for a scene in his most recent film, “The Hunting Party” on an airport runway, no less. The white-haired actor, who will be turning fifty-eight at the end of the month, took on the role of a war correspondent whose star has faded and is now passing the torch on to his pupil, played by Terrence Howard. In the film, the two work together to hunt down the most notorious war criminal in Bosnia. Apparently, Richard felt confident enough in his assets to turn down the services of a “butt double” waiting in the wings for his big break. Aww, poor butt double. I wonder if his little cheeks just sagged in disappointment when he realized that his moment wasn’t going to happen. Perk up, little fellow! There are plenty of butts in the sea…um, I’m sorry, that came out all wrong.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    And a single tear rolled down Butt Doubles cheek.

  2. RichardLuvr

    5,800 years old and still a mighty fine man – I’d do him. I’d even bring the geritol.

  3. ingrid

    This guy has not aged. were he to dye his hair back to the original color, he could pass for 30. Amazing
    genes.What a lucky man.

  4. kharris

    Would it kill Carrie Lowell to put some makeup on once in a while? Like when you’re on the red carpet in an evening gown?

  5. anti

    he is just such a good looking man, his wife is one lucky woman to wake up to to the likes of him every morning, she must walk around with a smile on her face all day.

  6. Nanc'

    I never thought Richard was all THAT, however, compared to 99.9% of men his age…he’s hot.

  7. stolidog

    I’m ready for it close up as well.

  8. Bren

    I’m sorry kharris, but Carey (not Carrie) knows how to wear her make up (with out any help from you), She doesn’t have to slop the stuff on , to look gorgeous as she always does. And I’m looking forward to seeing one of Richard’s finest (A**Sets)!

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