Richard Gere Appears Mildly Annoyed By Arrest Warrant In India


On the “Daily Show” last night, Richard Gere chatted with host, Jon Stewart, about the arrest warrant out for him in India for his public display of affection at an AIDS benefit, in which he gave Shilpa Shetty some kissy-face. An Indian judge in Jaipur claims that the basis of the charge is that Gere “transgressed all limits of vulgarity,” when he kissed the popular Indian actress. Gere says that the uproar stems from “a very small right-wing, very conservative” group and seems unconcerned that the warrant will actually lead to anything.

They do this kind of thing quite often,” Gere told Jon Stewart on last night’s “Daily Show.” “I don’t know that anyone has actually gone to jail … It goes to a reputable court and they throw it out.”

Does rehab work in India as a catch-all like it does here? Cause he might want to go, just to be safe.

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