‘RHONYC’ Reunion Part II Recap: Kelly Bensimon Is A Mean Girl

August 2nd, 2011 // 32 Comments

I’ve got to tell you-I was agitated by the time minute 89 rolled around last night.  Three collective hours of The Real Housewives Of New York City spread out over two weeks was far too much for even the most devoted of fans to take.  Even Andy Cohen looked a little winded (BTW, we don’t sympathize with you.  This is all your fault).   No one came out looking like a champion.  Not even Cindy Barshop, who barely made a peep the entire time, came up smelling like roses.  She’s as frosty and moody as the others are gossipy and maniacal.

The rotten apple award goes to Kelly Killloren Bensimon, who claimed last week that she was voted one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Nicest People.”  Cosmo should strip you of that win, Bensimon.  For you were the bitchiest, most immature, most condescending of the group last night.  You were worse than Regina George.

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Yes, Alex McCord is odd…and not in a good, “Phoebe Buffay sort of way.  However, that does not give Bensimon the license to incessantly make fun of her and drop obnoxiously snotty remarks here and there while McCord talks.  Saying something cruel about someone to their face is just as bad as talking about them behind their back.  So Bensimon, don’t think you’re doing anyone a favor by being outright mean to them.  You think you’re so clever and almighty because you married up and scored big in the gene pool.  Let me tell you something-You’re not nice.  Cosmo most likely rated you based on your popularity within the confines of Manhattan and who you know.  You are probably nice to people who intimidate you, which is why you don’t say a word to Jill Zarin or LuAnn de Lesseps.  They are scary.  Alex is odd, and while she might have a great vocab, you sense weakness and so you strike.  A good person doesn’t do that.

I can’t even remember what the others said because I was so wrapped up in Bensimon’s piss-poor behavior.  LuAnn is passive-aggressive, Jill can’t seem to get her stories straight, and Ramona Singer only knows how to defend herself by striking back at her opponent head-on.

Bitches, your 15 minutes are up.  Time to go back to the social circles down in fraggle rock from whence you came.  I have never been so glad to return to scripted television.  Friday Night Lights and Netflix have joined forces to save my life.  Share your own thoughts on last night’s reunion (part II) by tweeting us at @socialitelife or head on over to our Facebook page.


By Kelly Lynch

  1. Noelle

    You are so right!!! I had the same problem with both Part 1 and 2 of the reunion being distracted by Kelly’s horrid behavior. She is a mean girl and hopefully Cosmo will strip her of her Nicest Celebrity title.

  2. CrazyKat

    Kelly is being protected by some powerful people who have basically told Bravo and the cast to lay off of her. This is why she is never held accountable for what she does or says. She can get away with the worst behavior and it’s given her a false sense of power. With muscle behind her she has delusions of grandure and has gone from victim(in her mind) to victimizer. The truth is Kelly had a total mental breakdown last year and everyone is trying to act like nothing happened and that now she is great. I thin kthe reunion showed otherwise

  3. LavaLady

    Finally, someone has the guts to call it like it is regarding Kelly. Someone please make sure she sees this article. I wanted to reach into the television last night slap her face.

  4. dara

    I have to disagree. Alex was the one who was interrupting, blurting out words to everyone who was trying to talk. She was out of line. Her face is not attractive and she was screaming which annoyed the heck out of me. andy called her out on the lie about the timing issue in Morocco. Thanks Andy

  5. Karen

    Amen!!! I agree 100%, couldn’t have said it better myself!! GREAT article!!!

  6. Angelina

    Kelly is suffering from a severe mental disorder obviously. I only wish that Alex would rise above and not address anything with that KRAZY KELLY!

  7. Chele

    I agree, Kelly has no inner beuaty or grace, a big fake. She’s just a cheap shot bully and has been since she came on the show. As for Cindy, can’t figure out why’s she’s even on the show, she should quit and try getting to know her puppies, I mean kids.

  8. Kaya

    It was a total Mean Girls thing going on with the brunettes and they ganged up against Alex. They seem to have decided as a group to discount everything that she said or did and they were utterly dismissive. Not that Alex isn’t annoying sometimes but she definitely felt ganged up on. I think LuAnne was the worst offender saying things like: “dear it’s not your turn to speak” or whatever. I’m curious why she thinks she’s still a “Countess” when she is no longer married to the Count. Money can’t buy her class and divorce can’t keep her title. I kind of hated them all after last night. It was ugliness turned up to 11. When it gets more ugly than entertaining, I’m done.

    I doubt I’ll watch another season. Much like Blow Out and Work Out on Bravo, I don’t want to know anything about these ugly self absorbed people so I’ll tune out. In contrast, at least Jeff Lewis is entertaining. He may be self-absorbed but he at least seems in on the joke.

  9. Judy

    What in the world did Kelly mean when she said that after she was molested in her twenties Jill came along and gave her two beautiful daughters or was it girls? I didn’t know that Jill could make someone pregnant. Or did she adopt them? I know she is as crazy as a loon but everytime she speaks she outdoes herself. Why do they let her speak? Can someone explain this to me?

    • Kenzee

      Jill=Gil, Kelly’s ex husband. Kelly is practically retarded….She said Alex was causing a casino–instead of causing a SCENE. Why do these former models with sub 100 IQs even have a platform from which to speak?!!

    • P

      Gilles, but she mispronounces it. Her own former husband. Ugh.

  10. Jennifer B

    You all got it wrong. Kelly is right on. Alex is a horse faced cow who needs to just shut the fuck up. She likes to think she is somebody when she is not. She needs to leave, along with her equally horsed faced too chickenshit to come out of the closet husband. Those two are so wannabes. Unfortunately they will never be able to climb the social ladder. People like them are only around to be stepped on.

    • Matt W

      This is a completely unacceptable comment. The fact that you can make such cruel remarks about two people shows me that your comment is not worth taking into account. If you want to have your opinions taken seriously, try writing clearly and with specific instances of behavior, as this article did.

    • Dawn

      Kelly is that you? Stop making such a casino.

  11. Nancy Hoover

    I found everyone on this show except Alex to be utterly nasty and smarmy this season. No more for me. I’m not sure what the brunette spa owner was supposed to add, but all she brought was a new level of ugliness. These people have no sense of boundaries, which is unfortunate, but they’ll stew in their own juices.

  12. SAMRA

    Kelly is a crazy a a bug, no commom sense at all, no social skill, can’t speak properly and a big ugly bully. I am just waiting for Kelly to jump on one of the women like she did her ex boyfriend, an in up in jail. Kelly is a sad excuse of a woman, that’s why her ex husband lives down the hall from her, he knows she is unstable..GET HER OFF THE SHOW ALONG WITH JILL, LUANN AND CINDY.
    HOW CHILDISH THEY WERE LAST NIGHT, I COULD NOT WATCH. ANDY is just as bad, calling her the voice if reason this season. Kelly need medication for whatever her disorder is, i just see she is unstable and never eats.. She is ugly along with her personality…

  13. Monique

    Kelly has to say “something – anything” to make herself feel relevant. She already knows that people think she is nuts and unable to speak intelligently. Hence, “weird, you’re weird.” Pretty much the extent of her vocabulary. Not to mention she is beyond thrilled because she thinks that Jill and LuAnn like her. She is like a dog – trying to please its master.

  14. Michelle

    I could not keep my eyes off Kelly, she is crazy! I feel sorry for her.

  15. alliepie

    i HATE Kelly!!

  16. alliepie

    does ANYONE remember what an incoherent tool Kelly was last season?? how does she have ANY credibility??
    And Cindy?? somebody please FLUSH her~!!!!!!

  17. dconroy

    OH Please I just started watching these shows and I canalready tell you that Kelly Bensomen will NEVER IN HER LIFETIME BE ANY KIND OF MENTAL CHALLENGE FOR ALEX! Alex went to NorthWestern University and was hugely successful in business for years before Housewifey stuff. Even though Alex didn’t finish NoWestern… Kelly could never even sniff NorthWestern’s air if she wanted to. Alex is classy and very very intelligent. Alex girl, anyone of those girl’s can’t stand up to you inelligence wise. Betthany was probably the first runner upto you. I really like how you don’t stoop to the stupid level that those women do. At the same time I wish you would “represent” Chi_Town and NoWestern better. If anyone of those Bi—z say ANYTHING TO YOU JUST LOOK AT THEM AND DON’T SAAAAAY A THING BUT HAVE THAT CHICAGO LOOK ON YOUR FACE LIKE BI—PLEEEEEEASE I WENT TO NOWESTERN AND YOU ARE WHO?”

  18. msdrc

    @jennifer B – I love how what’s important to you is the status of someone and where they stand on the social ladder. The only reason Kelly has any wealth or celebrity friends at all is because of who she was married to. Jill, Luann and Cindy are horrible people too. If I had to be like Kelly, Jill, Luann or Cindy to be “rich and infamous” I’d rather be piss poor and a “nobody.” I never thought I was better than anyone until now because I’m certainly better than those four beasts are. At least Alex is a nice, reasonable, articulate woman. That’s a whole lot more than I can say about any of them no matter where they are on the ridiculously coveted social ladder.

  19. Lea

    I had to pause part 2 just now and find a blog about Kelly. If her roll was not scripted then I think she is a loon! She sounds like a parrot mixed with psycho who has been locked up in a backroom her whole life and is trying to get condesending remarks out towards Alex. I will not miss her if they get rid of her next season. She is crazy! And for Luann and Jill – I can’t stand them either but I do like Alex, Ramona and Sonja – at least they are real and enjoy life.

  20. JAO

    I can’t really believe how crazy Kelly is. As in truly, obviously, mentally ill. It’s very disappointing that Bravo is exploiting an obviously mentally ill person. She is the most consistently cringeworthy person I think I’ve watched on television! She’s maddening, but it’s also kind of sad b/c it’s hard to snark on a crazy person.

    • I agree. Bravo and its parent companies, GE and NBC, are predatory in allowing this mentally unstable woman to be shown as entertainment. One day her children will see all this, well maybe they already do, and will be so embarrassed.

  21. Kerry Okie

    Cosmo magazine did not name Kelly one of the top 5 celebrities in any category; she totally made that up, just like she made up the story about being bullied. What did she say in that little PSA last year when she was trying to salvage her image? Something like “four against one is never okay.” But some how when she, Jill, Countless, and what’s-her-face ganged up on Alex, that was okay. Does she think the viewers have the same tiny little reptilian brain that she does? I find everything about her offensive.

  22. B

    I think it’s important to note that we all have our flaws. And when I watch these shows, I don’t forget about my own. But Kelly Bensimon and LuAnn are honestly rude in too many ways to count. Talking over people is about as rude and immature as you can get and Kelly really can’t blame the endless scenes in which she does this on editing or on the other women. She’s certifiable and never makes sense!
    LuAnn, though a little less glaringly, does the same thing and is in her own world where she has a doctorate in…whatever it is she’s talking about at the moment. The two of them need etiquette lessons from someone who actually knows what he or she is talking about.

  23. Barton Fink

    I love Kelly totally and absolutely. She said mean things about Alex? Puh-leez. Alex Who? Next year, Alex and her tranny husband will be nothing more than a bad memory.

  24. Lori

    Thank you for writing this! I was browsing the Bravo message boards and blogs for a voice of reason but it’s a Kelly love fest. It’s obvious that she got some major PR work before filming Season 2.

  25. NY Gal

    Kelly is nuts. It is so obvious that she is on anti-depressants this year after her psycho behavior last year. And LuAnne. Does she honestly think her gay boyfriend is with her for love. Like her, he wants his 15 minutes of fame. She is a perfect example of how money doesn’t buy class. She has the least class of the entire group.

  26. Native New Yorker

    You hi the nails right on the heads of these collective whining passive agressive NARCISSICTIC and mean wannabes. They will have their lttle time frame of fame and then we won’t remember them anymore….Geez, you would think with all that money and entitlement, they could be in better moods?

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