‘RHONJ” Newbies Joe And Melissa Gorga Talk To ‘Life & Style’ About The Rift With Teresa Giudice

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Joe and Melissa Gorga spoke to Life & Style to talk about that out-of-control family fight that aired Monday night on Bravo.  The couple, married six years, also talked about their strained relationship with Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice.  “I was so upset,” Melissa told Life & Style about the overwhelmingly violent battle that went down at her son’s christening. “Teresa’s never given us any respect. She was being fake, just acting nice for the cameras.”

“Teresa is poison. When she heard I was going to be on the show, she flipped. She wants to be queen,” Melissa continued.

Apparently Teresa was not pleased when she learned her brother and his wife were joining the cast, and held out on her contract until the 11th hour.  And according to Joe, Teresa showed up to the christening just for show.  “My sister didn’t even want to be there,” Joe explained.  “She’d just signed her Housewives contract that morning or the day before because she was mad that we were on the show,” Melissa added.  “I think when Joe and I started making a lot of money is when she really lost it.  She was used to being the biggest and the best, and then when I came in, she felt threatened. She doesn’t want anyone to one up her. Teresa’s fine with you as long as you’re one step below.”

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During her one-on-one interview Monday night, Melissa pointed out that she and her husband have bills to pay, which are paid on time-a dig at Teresa and her husband Joe, who filed for bankruptcy last year.

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There’s also a divide when it comes to Joe and Teresa’s parents, whom Joe claims are turning against their son because Joe Giudice has his father’s ear.  “Teresa would tell our parents ‘Melissa this,’ ‘Melissa that’ or ‘Joey didn’t do this,’ and my parents have never been the same,” Joe told the magazine. “Her husband talks about me to them all the time, too.”

Monday night, the cast of RHONJ threw a premiere party at The Brownstone, owned by Albert Manzo (Caroline’s husband).  Our good friend, Tom Murro from Celebrity Magnet got an exclusive pic of the cake, featuring this season’s ladies.  Teresa did not attend the party, as she threw her own at Tribeca in Fort Lee, N.J.  to celebrate the release of her second cookbook, Fabulicious.

Gorga posed with Posche trainwreck Kim DePaolo and Jerseylicious “star” Tracy DiMarco at The Empire Room in New York City during Mercedes Benz Fashion week February 17th.

Ohhhhh New Jersey.