‘RHOBH’ Star Taylor Armstrong Reveals Shocking Details About Her Abusive Marriage

Taylor's Emotional Moments
How her castmates reacted to her unpredictable behavior.
Mere months after Russell Armstrong’s suicide, estranged wife and star of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong revealed that she would be writing a tell-all memoir describing her abusive marriage.

According to Radar Onlinethe book entitled Hiding From Reality details brutal acts of violence administered by Russell throughout his relationship to Taylor, even to the point of fracturing the bones in her face and requiring her to undergo reconstructive surgery with titanium plates. 

“The pain was excruciating. I could tell that something was very wrong with my vision,” Taylor writes. “This whole time Russell was glaring at me. ‘You’re so dramatic,’ he said. “You’re fine.’”

Taylor says that Russell would often threaten her in front of her daughter, calling her a “whore” as well as beat her while he was driving. “He would grab my hair and bang my head against the side of the car between the two doors, or against the glass of the passenger-side window while he was driving, because it made his point to me but didn’t leave a visible mark.”

If Taylor attempted to fight back she says Russell would threaten her with her life. “Don’t ever do that again because I almost killed you. One of these days, I’m afraid I’m going to kill you.”

Seen here, Taylor Armstrong appears at ‘CIROC The New Year 2012′ at Enclave on December 31st in Chicago, Illinois. It’s amazing that this woman can keep such a beautiful smile on her face despite all that she has been through. Hopefully this memoir will help other women find the courage to avoid toxic relationships and leave dangerous marriages.