‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Celebrates Birthday, Talks Housewives

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump was out on the town last night to celebrate her 89th birthday. OK, only half that sentence is true. She actually spent it at home. Oh! Just kidding. I think she’s in her 50s, right? Anyway, she is still looking quite fabulous, and in my opinion, is the prettiest of the BH housewives.

Lisa was out celebrating at her restaurant in West Hollywood, Sur Lounge. Cameras caught up with the housewife and talked about this season of the show. Check out the video after the jump. When asked if the show was at all responsible for the suicide of Taylor Armstrong’s husband, she said, “No I don’t. Not in any shape or form. Absolutely not.” We know Taylor’s had a tough time of it, but Lisa said the ladies are there for her.

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She also said that it’s “been a tough season, but there’s a lot of positivity as well…but it’s been an incredible journey.” Season two has been pretty entertaining so far after an opening that was, to me at least, kind of a weak one. Here’s to hoping it just gets better. Like, let’s be honest, we just want drama. And lots of it.

Lisa and husband Ken Todd recently sold their big-ass house and moved to a smaller big-ass house. Good times. It was not good times for Lisa this morning. Twitter told us she partied into the wee hours of the night and was most likely a bit hungover. Her best tweet, “Oh sooo much fun..now where is the hair of the dog that bit me?” Oh Giggy. Check out the photos in the gallery to see how great Lisa looked.