‘RHOBH’ Recap: To Camille Grammer’s House We Go

The most surprising part of last night’s episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was that the gals had to fly commercial. On Frontier Airlines.  THEN they had to be chauffeured four hours from the Denver airport to Beaver Creek, Colorado.  In rich people world, that story is tragic.

Mazel to Kyle Richards on her new 7,000 sq. foot home with seven bedrooms and a delicious husband to go with it.  Now get that pool table out of the foyer before I lose it.  While you’re at it, take Faye Resnick with ya.

Nothing much to say about the Bickersons, other than their schtick is getting mighty old.  Cut to Lisa Vanderpump’s boudoir, and we see her maid helping her pack for a two-day trip.  It’s a sad day when you stop packing for yourself as a grown-ass woman.  I dry heaved each time Lisa kissed Jiggy.  That was nothing short of foul, and I expected a little less PDA from an English rose like LVP.

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Meanwhile, in Kim’s head…What the hell did she sniff before getting picked up for the airport?  Kyle obviously knew that she was high as a kite, and Lisa just wanted to check in and take a Xanax to forget that she had to fly COACH to Denver.  The horror.  I can’t believe she even got on the plane.

It’s early on in the season, but Camille Grammer has emerged the victor so far.  Last season’s winners – Adrienne and Lisa – are off to a bumpy start with their flaws highlighted second time around (Adrienne with her husband-nagging and Lisa with her really, really snotty attitude).

Is it inappropriate that I couldn’t focus on Taylor Armstrong’s sob story because her veins were staring me in the face?