‘RHOBH’ Recap: Taylor Armstrong Throws Herself Another Birthday Party

Our hearts grown heavier for Kennedy Armstrong with each birthday, because it isn’t her day we’re celebrating.  Instead, it’s Taylor Armstrong’s way of convincing others that everything is awesome.  A $60K magician party?  Sounds good, just don’t expect Kennedy to marvel at the location and decor.  Give her a tutu, a few close friends and sister’s got herself a birthday party.

This year, Taylor rented out a sprawling ranch in Malibu because it felt “serene.”  They have retreats that feel serene in Malibu, too.  The number of activities for adults and children ranged from bull riding (really, people.  Bull riding?) to a bouncy castle.  And let’s not forget a special performance by that American Idol guy, who forgot to put down his vodka soda while on stage.  Dude, you’re at a child’s birthday.

Per usual, Kim Richards is a crackpot.  She couldn’t just say hello to Brandy, make nice and move on?  And when she started talking about riding Disney horses, I held my head in my hands.

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It’s tough to criticize Russell for obvious reasons, so I’d rather not delve into his behavior at the party.  I did, however, find his interaction with Dana interesting.  They’ve obviously butted heads in the past.

God bless Paul Nassif for trying to hop that bull, then riding it for a good 2 seconds.  You, sir, are adorable.

A horse for Kennedy, huh?  That one has ZERO interest in anything going on at her birthday party.

I really, truly hope that Pandora didn’t select that hot pink invitation.