‘RHOBH’ Recap-Kim Reveals Her Beau AND Her Rx Cocktail Of Choice

I was putting together kooky Kim Richards pictures for a post yesterday, when I came across the photo above of Richards with Ken Blumenfeld at The World According To Paris premiere May 17th.  “Listen!” I shouted to my co-workers.  “Listen one and all.  This is Kim’s secret boyfriend.  She showed him off back in May and we didn’t even know it at the time!” *Crickets*

Low and behold, Blumenfeld’s picture popped up on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills when Kim told Kyle that she and her beloved had been secretly seeing one another for a year.  What Kim didn’t talk about was the sapphire engagement ring on her left finger and the wedding band on Blumenfeld’s.  Accck, we’ll save that puzzle for next week when Kyle tries to burst Kim’s happy bubble.  Again.

So much going on, so much going on.  First, the ladies gathered at Dr. Paul Nassif’s office for a needle here, a red laser there and a little sustenance for Taylor.  “Look!  See the food!  I plan on eating that,” Oklahoma’s meek little voice proclaimed when Lisa came into her room.  Lisa was hoping someone she liked had been behind door number one, but she’s British and didn’t want to be rude.  So, LVP sat and chided Taylor for her eating habits.

Cut to the waiting room and Lisa finds an email from Russell Armstrong insisting that the goss on his marriage to Cheeky McHollowbones is solid, with a link to tabloid fodder as proof.  Lisa asked Kyle if she received the same email, to which Kyle passive-aggressively said “no.”  Taylor then entered the waiting room, armed with Louis Vuitton should Lisa try to beat her with the Ipad.  Did Taylor get Russell’s obnoxious email?  Nope.  Silence.  Well, time to push on and not deal with whatever Lisa’s trying to insinuate.  Good talk.

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Bless Dr. Nassif’s heart, but he shouldn’t have let the cameras in while he discussed Kim’s medical history.  Age, fine.  Meds, a fuzzy lil’ mixture of this and that.  One doesn’t need a degree to figure out that Kim is on a medley of prescription drugs; She’s bonkers, talks in tongues, and can’t keep them peepers open.  This was the first time that Kim admitted to being on meds.  It was also the first time that she indirectly addressed an issue with alcohol, though she didn’t come outright and say that she’s a recovering alcoholic.

Kim probably avoids happenings with the Beverly Hills ladyfolk because she’s A) Smitten-kitten with Ken B) Doesn’t really feel like going up against her sister and the other women (like she did last season).  Fair enough.  And might I add that she seemed calm, sober and collected when Kyle came to visit her home in Westlake Village.  This was the first time we had seen Kim so together, and it was nice.  She was finally acting like a sensible adult and stood up to Kyle when little sister started to weep about Kim not moving closer to her and their other sister, Kathy.  It felt good to finally cheer Kim on.

Honorary mention goes to Lisa for her impersonation of Kim and her laundry list of excuses.  Priceless, LVP.  Just like you.

Mauricio, Mauricio.  Each time I see you, you age like a fine bottle of scotch.  Damn it, man.