Retro Music In The Morning: Madonna – ‘Don’t Tell Me’

August 15th, 2008 // 5 Comments

In honor of the diva’s 50th.

By Michael Prieve

  1. sunshine

    Nice! Ever saw a girl sorta like her on ? ? wealthyromanc eS.Com ? ? It’s a place for romancing with the rich & celeb….

  2. RETRO?

    I’m not sure I would classify this song as “retro”……but ok…

  3. Angelina

    It is sad to honor this woman for anything.

  4. KungPao

    This woman is talented. She’s cool. There’s no one in entertainment like her. Cheers!

  5. KungPao

    Love her! There’s no one in entertainment like her–original, talented! Cheers!

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