Resuscitating Fans Who Already Miss ‘Vampire Diaries’ This Week [PHOTOS]

'The Vampire Diaries' Season 4
Mystic Falls gets a new bad boy
VD Gets Spin Off
The Vampire Diaries gets spin off the originals
Hot damn!

The entire cast was obviously chosen for their good looks. I kid! They are talented but they also happen to have been blessed with a good set of genes.

The world is still trying to recuperate from the last episode and now we have to wait until March 14 to see the next episode. Boo hoo! Lucky for us, the CW has full episodes available to watch. Yey to making googly eyes at our screens as we pretend Ian Somerhalder is looking into our eyes with his dreamy eyes.

Somerhalder really needs to dance around shirtless again because we have been crying and will be crying today. I suppose for now we can ogle at him in the latest issue of Origin. 

Yes, yes! Shirtless of course, Damon!

I hope Somerhalder doesn’t mind that we want to borrow Nina Dobrev to give us tips for her gorgeous outfits and to have her as a best friend. She is cute as a button.

Since we’ve been left with a cliffhanger, check out the preview to the next episode and then stalk the cast in the gallery for your Thursday fix. Fang in there, VD lovers!