Restyle The Celebrity: Mischa Barton At The 7th Annual BritWeek Festival

Mischa In A Bikini
Mischa Barton showed off her slimmer figure in Miami.
Have you ever looked at a celebrity and thought, “Wow. I could have done a much better job of getting you dressed and ready than you did.”

Well, then this is just for you! Welcome to our first installment of Restyle The Celebrity. Together I think we can change the world, one bad celebrity fashion choice at a time. Let’s start things off with something easy, like Mischa Barton at the 7th Annual BritWeek Festival in LA yesterday.

The theme of the event was “A Salute to Old Hollywood” so we assume that’s what Mischa was going for with this white dress that doesn’t quite fit her properly and that bun that isn’t doing her any favors. Let’s try and make this look a bit more modern, Old Hollywood. 

First off, that dress cut is all wrong on someone like Mischa. Her waist is still rather trim, so why not something that cinches to show that off? That way it can still be long. But really, something this long and with that fabric makes you look like a grandma. Maybe modernize the old school by doing something short in a similar fabric. And finally, if you don’t mind just throwing this out all together, go for something more structured à la Joan Crawford that still give an Old Hollywood glam with a fun twist.

And now that hair. Normally, something like what you have would be fine, but since you insist on wearing that neckline you need all that hair swept up. Get rid of the bangs with either a tight, ballerina bun or something more funky and braided. Both are beautiful and will let us see what you’ve got going on.

You can see examples of all my restyling options in the gallery, as well as all the photos of Mischa from the event. What do you think of the restyling suggestions? Agree? Disagree? Leave us your own suggestions in the comments!