Reporters Ruined Russell Crowe’s Christmas

When will the tabloids stop making up stories? Probably never. When will the press stop making up stories about Russell Crowe? Over his dead body. The actor rants on and on over a story that stated he bought a boat for his wife for Christmas.

Australian actor Russell Crowe has slammed a newspaper for “ruining his Christmas” after it published a false story claiming he had bought his wife Danielle Spencer a $3.6 million yacht.

Crowe was left so incensed by the report, which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, he expressed his outrage in a pre-Christmas posting on his official website.

He wrote, “I do not own a boat, haven’t bought a boat… I have no idea what/who the source may be.

“I’d like to thank the staff of the Sydney Morning Herald for ruining my family’s Christmas by taking our boat away from us and also for the dozens of pointless conversations I will now have with (fellow) boat owners and neighbours over the holiday period.”

It’s almost as if he was going to purchase her a boat, and they ruined the surprise.

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