Renee Zellweger In Car Crash

January 28th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Renee Zellwege
r returned to Bradley Cooper‘s new house today and got in a fender bender.  with her Toyota Prius 5. Renee did the proper thing by taking photos then exchangeing information with the other driver. The sweet Bridget Jones star, also went in for a hug with the elderly lady that side-swiped her. She looks like she’s laughing it off, which you can do when it doesn’t take four paychecks to fix a crack in your car. 

Renee tries to bend back the altered door to her car, but when that doesn’t work, Brad comes to the rescue in his Mercedes SUV. (Do we get ad dollars every time we mention a car manufacturer and model, because Nissan Sentra, Audi A8, Toyota Rav4.)  Later Renee plops on the ground and munches some fruit from Starbucks (note to self: call ad sales department), while she waits for her much needed rental.

Renee always looks like she’s going to or coming from the gym. That must by why her calves look like you cold crack a coconut on them.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Mark

    Badass lady with her iPhone totally owns Zellweger and her boring-ass phone.

  2. Kangrrl

    Madison, you need someone to spell-check and edit your grammar. Seriously, that was hilariously bad, if it wasn’t just sad. Don’t you need at least basic English skills to be hired by this site??

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