Renée Zellweger Lucky Not To Be Bald

Renée Zellweger’s short do might have less to do with fashion and more to do with her trying to salvage what hair she has left on her head. The actress chatted with In Style about how her hair had been damaged after multiple chemical treatments. For film roles, Zellweger has gone from blonde to brown and back to blonde again and her tresses have paid the price.

“What I didn’t know is the temporary stuff stains the inside of the shaft, so you can’t get it out,” Renée said. The actress added,”[It faded to] Ronald McDonald red. Then it faded to pumpkin. Then it was pink, then mango. Mango hair – now that’s a look.”

However, she’s not complaining, mostly because she’s amazed that she has any left, saying, “it’s still attached to my head, by the grace of God.” But if it had, all she’d need to do is give Tyra Banks a call. She’s probably got some extra orange wigs from five cycles ago that she could lend out.


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