Reminder: Demi Moore’s Eyes Are 15 Years Older Than Ashton Kutcher’s

While presenting at the 2010 Freedom Awards, Demi Moore lost her place during their presentation and was unable to see her lines on the teleprompter, saying “I should be wearing my glasses, sorry.”

Sorry, indeed. It was a moment like that that made realize that Demi is Ashton’s senior by 15 years. Everything about her will go long before he will. But despite his wife’s vision problems, Ashton made a joke and saved the day…

“I love that we act like these prompters don’t exist,” said the actor. “Like we’ve got it all memorized.” They then continued their speech about their ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ campaign.

While very philanthropic, it also is bothersome to listen to these two try to encapsulate what people who have been slaves or who are slaves feel.