Remind Me To Take Up Doing Drugs In Britain

August 7th, 2007 // 5 Comments

This is absolutely baffling to me. Does he have pictures of some British official with a donkey or something? Pete Doherty has managed to avoid jail once again. He’s done every drug known to man, and invented a few. There’s numerous photos and videos of him shooting up, and smoking crack and even shooting up unconscious women! He gets caught every times he uses! But still – no jail time. There are people in this country in jail for stealing loaves of bread and pushing a teacher in their school hallway. What gives? That’s a lenient damn country. I’m all for second chances, but what happens when this mess drives over someone’s grandma?

Judges ordered him to take part in a detoxification program, but a review of his progress Tuesday found he had tested positive for drugs in initial tests.

“If he does not show his motivation it’s prison, as simple as that,” Judge Davinder Lachlar said at the review hearing. “Depending on what information I have when you next come to court, the decision will be made.”

He was in court for offenses from this past May. Well one thing’s clear, if we ever run out of drugs – we can kill him and smoke him. Crackheads take note.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    I have no idea why this Bong Pipe isn’t behind bars. It’s a joke that he’s still out and about. Off to rehab again. Do Promises have a branch in the UK ?

    If he soaked his hands in muriatic acid for 2 hours, they still wouldn’t be clean. Those fingernails !!!!! Imagine the stench off him.

    And Kate Moss has touched his uglies. The fucking mind boggles .

  2. Darth Paul

    As long as you promise to go to rehab and were not caught selling, you can pretty much continue to get only fines/warnings in UK. I guess it’s no big deal as far as he’s concerned. I don’t think he’s out robbing pensioners or shoplifting to support his habit…he’s just gross. Unfortunately, there’s no crime in that.

  3. plum

    Why this talent vacuum continues to fill pages and pages of the British press is anyone’s guess. Mine is that all these celebrity zombies are employed by the government to stop us thinking or caring about what really goes on. See also Victoria Beckham. What is she for?

  4. miss brown eyes

    They tried to make me go to rehab
    I said no, no, no.
    Yes I been black, but when I come back
    You wont know, know, know.

    I ain’t got the time
    And if my daddy thinks im fine
    He’s tried to make me go to rehab
    I wont go, go, go.

    just sad…

  5. Victoria

    This guy is sad…he used to be a handsome young man…now the drugs are eating his good looks away…not to mention a few million brain cells…..

    For the love of all things holy…get clean man!!!

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