Remembering ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” [PHOTOS]

Lauren Conrad
The single star flirted at Playhouse Nightclub.
Just recently I was outed on Facebook by a friend of mine that revealed to all that I was rewatching season 1 of Laguna Beach on her Netflix account. My initial reaction was to deny said accusations but then I laughed and took pride in the fact that Laguna Beach is my guilty pleasure. So yes, Tori Smith, occasionally I like to sit back and relax to some classic Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari moments.

While watching the 2004 hit TV show (yes guys, it has been 8 years guys since we have last heard Ste-phen! from Kristen’s lips), I came to wonder what ever happen to the reality show stars. Are the assumptions true? Do the popular girls get pregnant early on by some beer belly low lives?

Well after a bit of researching, I came across some expected and surprising news. Launch the gallery and find out what your favorite (or least favorite) star is up to now.