Remembering Diana, Princess Of Wales [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Fifteen years to the day after her chauffered Mercedes crashed into a dividing column in the Ponte de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France, people still remember exactly where they were when the news broke that Diana, Princess of Wales was fatally injured.

Though she was stripped of her HRH title upon divorcing Prince Charles, Diana was given a state funeral watched by millions upon millions around the globe.

We remember seeing Prince Harry’s letter to his mother atop the gun carriage, but a new era has called for happiness instead of sorrow, thanks to her boys.  Princes William and Harry have grown up to be outstanding men who embody the spirit and kindness of Diana, and she would be monumentally proud of the good work they do.

I remember speaking to royal reporter Victoria Arbiter about the eve of William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, who described the solemn mood given Diana’s absence:

There was this one really poignant moment for me, and I think it’s just because my father had worked for Diana and because I experienced time with her and adored her so much.  Right when Kate came pass Buckingham Palace in the car and she turned on to the mall (we were told that it would be storming all day, there were grey clouds in the morning, everyone was really worried about it) andsuddenly, right as she turned onto the mall, the sun came out.

It’s really hokey and a bit peaky to say it, but to me it was like Diana had just arrived.  She wasn’t there, her presence was so missed, and the night before the wedding, it was really sad just thinking about the fact that she was missing it.  And so someway ,when the sun came out on the day we were expecting rain and torrential thunderstorms and everything else, that was a really special moment.

Diana referred to Harry as her “little Spencer” because of his red hair and freckles, and called him “the naughty one,” just like her.  William was her pride and joy, and told her he’d restore her title once he was king.