Celebrating Cory Monteith’s Life

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Hollywood is still shaken up and confused about the passing of Corey Monteith on Saturday, July 13, 2013.

Social media outlets have gone rampant with sympathy messages to his loved ones and celebrities have expressed their reactions on social media as well.

Although the news is very tragic, we want to be positive and keep strong for his loved ones by celebrating his life.

The 31-year old Canadian-born actor Cory Monteith (birth name Cory Allan Michael Monteith) caught his big break when he was cast as Finn on Glee and boy, aren’t we glad he did. 

A few years later with fan girls galore, a beautiful girlfriend Lea Michele, and award nominations, the world was hooked to Monteith.

We lost a wonderful actor and someone who is endlessly referred to as a “nice guy”.

Our thoughts are with his loved ones and we hope that Michele’s (and his other loved ones) wishes are respected.

We have gathered some favorite photos of Cory’s life in the spotlight to remember the lovable actor.

You will truly be missed!