Remember When Brit Took a Face-Plant on New Year’s Eve? Yeah, Well Apparently Champage Wasn’t The Only Thing on The Menu That Evening

Star reports that it wasn’t just bubbly Britney was up on during her New Year’s Eve “nap” on the floor of Pure. And K-Fed is supposedly urging her to check herself into rehab. I smell alimony check worry.

What pushed Kevin (long considered the bad influence in their two-year marriage) to take action? Stunning reports from a family insider charging that Brit suddenly collapsed during a New Year’s Eve romp at Las Vegas’ Pure nightclub due to a potent mix of Ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana and Vicodin! As soon as Kevin, who was in Miami, heard the news, he frantically tried to reach his ex, sources say. “He kept leaving her messages telling her that he was going to go to court for an emergency order to get custody,” says the source, adding that K-Fed reminded Brit that any substances would likely be detected in tests that may by required by their custody battle.

Jesus Christ, why didn’t she just dip her doobies in formaldehyde while she was at it? This doesn’t shock me as she’s looking a little crackish lately. Like the type of woman who will rummage through the trash outside of Wal-Mart to find a tossed receipt and then go inside grab an item off the receipt and return it for crackrock money. What? I’ve never done it! I just know what goes on!