Remember The Ikea Monkey? His Story Continues As His ‘Mother’ Wants Him Back

Look who’s back in the news!

If you’ll recall, last year there was a story of an adorable little monkey living in a Toronto Ikea and sporting a winter coat. In case you need a refresher or you want to see a photo of porn star James Deen recreating the monkey’s glory, you can see that here.

Well the monkey is in the news once again because his mother wants his back. Or at least that’s what his owner has taken to calling herself. Huffington Post reports that Darwin’s “surrogate mother” is looking to get back custody of the monkey. Umm, what? 

Yasmin Nakhuda, the mother-owner, is looking to get Darwin back from an animal sanctuary that has been taking care of the monkey since January. The sanctuary had claimed that Yasmin had actually abused poor little Darwin saying that she “strangled him, hit him with a wooden spoon, and planned to have his teeth removed.”

The animal sanctuary has since taken back those claims, but they’re all still going to court. This is going to be an amazing and evolving story. Like, I can’t wait to see what happens with all of this. I just want Darwin to be happy! I want to give him a hug! I want to love him! What do you guys think of this crazy story? Sound off in the comments!