Remember That Time Robert Pattinson Argued With Adele? [VIDEO]

Robert Pattinson
The actor attended NBC's 2011 Globes afterparty.
Robert Pattinson has revealed how he got involved in a strange argument with Adele about attaining goals as an artists.

The actor spoke of the ‘ridiculous’ incident in a CBC TV interview in America as he was promoting new movie Cosmopolis, and reveals his regret at the comments he made to the singer.

Speaking of striving to achieve success, Pattinson says: “Actually I had this argument with Adele, which is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever said. I was saying, “you know, you can really just like reach for it,” and she was like, “you do realize I am like the biggest-selling female artist ever?” And I just for some reason just decided to get into an argument with her.

“I woke up regretting everything I said.”

Never regret Rob.