Remains of the Day: Uma Hits the Beach

  • Uma Thruman recently took her surprisingly gigantic boobs to the beach. [The Bastardly]
  • Dear Pam Anderson and Kid Rock: please, for the love of God, stop getting married. Please, we’ve had enough. [ABC]
  • Potentially the most annoying twosome of all time: Garry Shandling and Sharon Stone on a dinner date. [BWE]
  • In case you miss Katie Couric and her gummy-smile’s debut on the Evening News this September, CBS plans to broadcast it online. Thanks, but no thanks. [Access Hollywood]
  • Stephen Dorff: “I see myself as a teddy bear who needs to be cuddled.” Chicks don’t really dig the pathetic act, dude. [Junkiness]
  • The movie-making team behind the film “Saw III” is sponsoring a promotional blood drive this Halloween, and ask participants to “Give ‘Til it Hurts.” [SG]
  • Kevin Federline is turning to hypnotherapy in a bid to help him quit smoking. Why? “Matt Damon did it.” Good answer. [Faded Youth]
  • Geez louise, check out the badonkadonk on Jessica Biel. How have I spent so many years not noticing her huge ass? [The Velvet Hot Tub]

Written by Alyk