Remains of the Day: Some Paris Hilton Footwear

  • Are you ready for the Paris Hilton jumbo-sized shoe collection? [GOTA]
  • Good news, America: Britney Spears reportedly told friends she would like to move to London for a few months. [CW]
  • Ashley Olsen put on her grown up face for the cover of Marie Claire. [GTS]
  • Roseanne Barr now denies writing “the old lady pee” blog that appeared on her Myspace this week. Barr claimed the rant was written by a now-fired intern. [SOW]
  • Sorry, Rosie O’Donnell: Donald Trump said he never actually offered you a spot as a contestant on the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” [CS]
  • Yay, more drama! Angelina Jolie is reportedly furious at Brad Pitt for signing up to star in a film alongside his former fiancée, Gwyneth Paltrow. [Gabsmash]