Remains of the Day: Riding Tara Reid

  • One step forward, two steps back. [Video at TMZ, photos at Hollyscoop]
  • Ice-T’s wife Coco celebrated her Smooth magazine cover by scaring on-lookers with her massive camel toe. [CW]
  • Mary Kate Olsen has disintegrated into a tiny version of Big Foot. It’s not that cold on the East Coast, babydoll. [TMZ]
  • You know you’ve really hit rock-bottom when your mom calls Tom Arnold to help you with your drug addiction. Jusk ask Brandon Davis. [Celebitchy]
  • PETA douched Jennifer Lopez again. This time the organization crashed Jenny from the Block’s fragrance release party. [INO]
  • The dude who wrote the screenplay for ‘The Hitcher’ not only makes shitty movies, but he’s also very ineffective at killing himself. [WWTDD]