Remains of the Day: Pete Doherty Won’t Be Owning a Gun Anytime Soon

  • Cracky Pete Doherty reportedly tried to get a gun license, but British officials aren’t cool with drug addicts shooting guns in their country, so he was quickly denied a permit. [CW]
  • Was sleazy Joe Francis behind the mastermind behind the Paris Exposed website? It certainly appears that way. [Celebitchy]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow claimed she returned to acting because it makes her a “more interesting woman for my children.” [CDL]
  • Anna Nicole Smith appeared to have acquired a new, painful-looking face. Tight enough for you, Anna? [INO]
  • PETA unceremoniously dropped Heather Mills as their spokesperson, and replaced her with her former stepdaughter, Mary McCartney. Ouch. [SOW]