Remains of the Day: Paris vs. The Animal

  • For some reason Paris Hilton is now calling Britney Spears “The Animal.” Go figure? [CW]
  • Pittsburgh Steeler kicker Jeff Reed appears to have a fondness for extreme manscaping and taking cellphone pics of his schlong-cleavage. [Deadspin]
  • Ryan Seacrest claimed his dream New Year’s kiss would be with Christina Aguilera. Aww, dare to dream, Seacrest. [INO]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio supposedly criticized Orlando Bloom for taking too many heartthrob movie roles. Whatever. I just hope this beef leads to a mud-wrestling match between Leo and Orlando. [Celebitchy]
  • Character actor William Belli introduced his newest invention: Tranny McGuyver. [Queerty]

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