Remains of the Day: Mischa Forgot Her Pants

  • Mischa Barton is just too busy for pants. [Celeb Warship]
  • Eric Bana has been taped to star in an upcoming film about the BTK killer. Terrance Howard will co-star in the Ridley Scott-directed flick. [SG]
  • “Law & Order’s” Mariska Hargitay popped out a kid only four months ago, but she’s already in kick ass shape. [CBB]
  • Dominique Swain slips a nip at the recent Xbox 360 launch party. [Fatback & Collards]
  • Although I find it completely shocking Pete Doherty would be able to attract groupies, he apparently does, and it drives his fiancé, Kate Moss, bonkers. [Entertainmentwise]
  • Tara Reid may actually be more pathetic than we originally assumed. She recently admitted that her former fiancé, Carson Daly, is the love of her life. [Starpulse]
  • Jessica Alba gets a little raunchy action in the ocean with boyfriend Cash Warren. Watch out for stingrays, kids. [Yeeeeah]

Written by Alyk