Remains of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Actually Turned Someone Down

  • Lindsay Lohan allegedly turned down a roll in the hay with Robbie Williams. Smart girl. [Fametastic]
  • Gael Garcia Bernal was bummed he wasn’t allowed to kill a live chicken on-camera for his new film, Babel. Yeah, I’m sorry I missed that too. [SG]
  • Congrats to Will Ferrell; the actor announced he and wife Viveca are expecting a baby boy. [INO]
  • Tyra Banks was spotted in Miami cuddling with a mystery dude poolside. [Crunk & Disorderly]
  • Anna Nicole Smith reportedly tried to convince a sterile man to claim he was the father of her newborn baby. He wisely turned her down. [Celeb Warship]
  • Eric Dane: Man-Whore. [Starfruit]
  • Pete Doherty is in desperate need of a proper manicure. [DListed]
  • Sucks to be George Bush today; Donald Rumsfeld announced he will be resigning his post as Secretary of Defense. [OMG Blog]

Written by Alyk