Remains of the Day: Kim Kardashian Opens Up, But Not In a Slutty Way


  • Kim Kardashian recently opened up about her sex tape; Kim admitted the tape does exist, but the rumored golden shower scene never happened. [CW]
  • Natalie Portman’s much-hyped nude scene in “Goya’s Ghosts” turned out to be not-so-titillating. [The Superficial]
  • Pete Doherty posed partially nude for a magazine, and it is not a pretty sight. It’s called manscaping, Pete, look into it. NSFW. [SOW]
  • Haylie Duff has a new man in her life; Hilary’s older sister allegedly hooked up last week with Nicky Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Kevin Connolly. [Janet Charlton]
  • Mary-Kate Olsen still has enough energy to push a fully-loaded shopping cart, just like a proper hobo. [DH]