Remains of the Day: Kate Moss’ Sticks

  • Kate Moss showed off her freakish, sinewy legs to photographers this weekend while running through a gas station. [CW]
  • Liv Tyler admitted she and Kate Hudson should have “tongued each other” during a make scene in the 2000 movie “Dr. T and the Women.” [CS]
  • Madonna reportedly plunked down $12 million for her sixth home in London. [GB]
  • Care to see Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with a few extra pounds on their frames? [PH]
  • Brooke Hogan is unfortunately still trying to make the ass-less chap jeans work onstage. [JIYH]
  • Scottish singer Paolo Nutini claimed he refuses to make eye contact with male fans during concerts because of an embarrassing incident with a gay fan. [Towleroad]
  • Don’t worry, Megan Fox: you’re not the only person on earth who regrets getting a ridiculous tribal tattoo. [AIW]