Remains of the Day: Kate Moss is Particular


  • Kate Moss apparently only wants one ugly junkie touching her, and that’s Pete Doherty; Kate flipped her shit at a music festival last weekend when Amy Winehouse’s husband attempted to maul her. [CW]
  • Greasy manorexic Aaron Carter appeared at the 16th annual Celebrate Life with Hope event at Paramount Studios. [WW]
  • Want to sleep in the same home where Jake Gyllenhaal grew up? Jakey’s parents recently put their stunning Mulholland Drive home up for sale. [RES]
  • Although the couple refused to officially announce their pregnancy, Sasha Baron Cohen and fiancée Isla Fisher showed off their bump at a gay pride parade. [DS]
  • Sienna Miller channeled Robin Hood at the Isle of Wight festival. [CS]