Remains of the Day: Jim Carrey’s Having a Few Problems

  • Jim Carrey and his rubber face are not so popular around Hollywood these days; three of his upcoming films have been unceremoniously canned by the studios. [Celebitchy]
  • Mel Gibson came up with a new excuse for this drunken tirade last summer. Gibson claimed the pressure caused by filming ‘Apocalypto’ drove him to drink. [SG]
  • According to a list of items Lindsay Lohan requested for her trailer while filming ‘Georgia’s Rule’ this summer, the starlet must have a masseuse on hand at all times, as well as unlimited pink and purple towels. [Celeb Warship]
  • Hilary Swank isn’t letting her status as a divorcee get her down. She recently claimed she’s ready to pop out a few kids. [INO]
  • Is there anything cuter than gay marriage finger puppets? [OMG Blog]
  • Eva Longoria showed off her massive engagement ring. We didn’t really think she’d go for a subtle piece of jewelry, did we? [Bricks & Stones]
  • Breaking news: Dakota Fanning wears leggings. [BWE]