Remains of the Day: Jerry O’Connell Takes it Off

August 30th, 2007 // 2 Comments
By Michael Prieve

  1. Persistent Cat

    He’s such a dork.

  2. zoe louise

    argh @ the “celebrity lesbian crushes” thing.

    i CANNOT stand that shit. girls get drunk and make out just for men’s attention. there is nothing “lesbian” about that; it is bullshit. these same women would eat dog crap if it was somehow perceived to be erotic by the male gender.

    according to popular culture, “lesbians” exist solely for the sexual satisfaction of men. when i was dating a girl a few years ago, we could not go into a bar and be a normal couple without every idiot in the place pricking up and thinking we were somehow there to perform for them.

    i know there is a whole “other side of the coin”…freeing straight girls to explore their sexuality, we’re just enjoying hard-won sexual liberation…there is that faction. maybe i’m just pre-1980s old school.

    but personally…if the fruits of women’s liberation are still catering to the same patriarchy from which we fought long and hard to free ourselves…no. HELL no.

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