Remains of the Day: Jennifer Lopez’s Betrayal

June 13th, 2007 // 9 Comments
  • Jennifer Lopez’s former assistant has a new gig: she’s now working for Dayanara Torres, the ex-wife of JLo’s husband Marc Anthony. [CW]
  • Congrats are in order for Tommy Mottola; the music executive (and ex-husband of Mariah Carey) and current wife Thalia announced they are expecting their first child. [WLC]
  • Such a classy dude: Matthew McConaughey heated things up on the set of his new movie by offering female extras cash to remove their tops during a pool party scene. [TheBlemish]
  • Owen Wilson impressed the ladies at Scores recently by rolling up to the NYC strip club on a mountain bike. [Yeeeah]
  • When publicist Elliot Mintz isn’t busy pulling Paris Hilton out of nightclubs, he apparently spends his time hanging out with the elderly version of Sex and the City. [EB]

  1. Vince

    Jennifer’s assistant probably signed a conf/agreement. As charismatic as she is, Jennifer Lopez is a very clever woman, also a great soul….I can’t wait to see “El Cantante”.

  2. Tobias

    Why don’t you publish pics of Jlo’s naked booty?, they’re being shown all over europe

  3. sorvats


  4. arnie

    huummm……….Jlo still a hot piece of ass…….

  5. mia

    Jlo has nothing to worry about because she didn’t become famous for being a saint. I think negative publicity is as good as positive. I like jlo’s style more than anything, but i hate to admit her acting is not bad at all. She’s the only actress who doesn’t play any unnecessary drama.

  6. standby

    They should get divorced NOW!, I am tired of waiting.

  7. Nemo

    jlo and american idol rock! jlo is a hot chick, she should date simon or ryan though ‘cuz marc is not as popular as she is.

  8. nymatzo

    Jennifer lopez should leave this guy, he carries way too much baggage(ex-wife and kids)to make a good husband. Also she should abandon the idea of having children of her own, who cares if the rest of hollywood wear little tykes as fashion accessories. A childless woman is a lot sexier in my opinion, because once they become mothers their demeanor and body change. Even when after they drop the pounds they just don’t look the same, they look worn out and worried.
    Hollywood skanks are bringing tons of children into this already congested world, they should either adopt or stay childless because the last thing we need is another hollywood spoiled tyke to soil our planet.

  9. Carlos

    Marc and Jlo are celebrities and celebrities have no privacy, that is the price they pay for being famous. As for the assistant someone should throw her in jail if she opens her mouth.

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