Remains of the Day: It’s Paula Abdul vs. Jewel

  • Paula Abdul has a new beef with Jewel. The two broads had a very icy exchange on-camera during the season premiere of American Idol this week. [Yeeeah]
  • Jennifer Aniston reportedly has her eye on adopting a baby. Unlike her celeb peers, Jen is said to be looking into an American adoption. [CW]
  • Pam Anderson attempted to cause Hugh Hefner to have a heart attack by rubbing her massive fake boobs on his old man arm. [Derek Hail]
  • Mischa Barton is so modest; she recently claimed The O.C. was canceled because fans stopped tuning in to watch after producer’s killed off her character. [SOW]
  • Everyone seems to have something to say about Lindsay Lohan going to rehab. D-lister Adrianne Curry spoke out on the topic via her Myspace blog. [INO]