Remains of the Day: I Love Photos

How many douchebags can you fit in one picture? [WLC]

Clean-cut Amanda Bynes might be more risqué than we assumed; sources spotted the actress at a NYC dinner wearing a dress that was “seriously shorter than socially appropriate.” [CS]

Beyonce took to the stage at Trump’s Taj Mahal this weekend looking a little like a Real Doll. [CW]

Hayden Panetttiere’s little brother wouldn’t waste an opportunity to cop a feel. [Bastardly]

As of last Friday, Christina Applegate officially divorced B-list actor Johnathon Schaech. [EB]

Despite Angelina Jolie’s assertion she’s dunzo with the ladies, her ex-girlfriend said the actress will never be content “playing happy family with one man.” [CNW]

How did Keira Knightley feel about getting nude for her Chanel ad? “I honestly didn’t give a s-t.'” [GH]