Remains of the Day: Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Want You To Smell Like Shiloh

April 19th, 2007 // 5 Comments
  • Angelina Jolie is trying to stop a French perfume-maker from naming their latest fragrance “Shiloh.” Apparently the name of Angie’s daughter is sacred or something. [CW]
  • Kelly Clarkson looked plus-sized at the ASCAP Awards last night in Hollywood. [EB]
  • The Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto seems dead-set on making herself look as disgusting as possible. Judging by her performance at Misshapes last week, she’s doing a good job of it, too. [BV]
  • David Arquette is using his own hair to promote his upcoming film “The Tripper.” [DS]
  • Guerilla artist Vinchen defaced a Hilton Hotel in Ohio by placing a topless photo of hotel heiress Paris Hilton in the lobby with caption, “For over 80 years, the Hilton name has been synonymous with elegance and class. A tradition that continues today.” Oh snaps. [Towleroad]

  1. Margaret

    If I see one more picture of Angelina today, I shall surely puke. Is she going to sue the Shiloh Hotel chain. The nerve of them. By the way, that picture of Angie holding Shiloh was the last one made – six months ago.

  2. @ma

    Likewise, I’m on serious Brang overload at the moment. I cqn’t take anymore!!! For I think it’s time to my own sanity, I think I need to firewall them on my computer. No pictures, quotes nothing. At least for a few days. Until they split up or something.

  3. jannre

    Shes probably just pissed off because she didn’t think of it first so she could make some money for ” CHARITY”….yeah right!,,I wonder what she did with the money she made from Pax pictures?

  4. Margaret

    I read today on E Online (Ted Casablanca) that Larry Birkhead got $1.7 mil for DL’s pictures from OK. The money went into a trust fund for the baby – none of it went to Larry. I’ll bet Angie’s scuzzed at the lousy $1.4 she got from People for Pax – and she had to haul in the other kids, too. Think she’ll sue Larry? lol

  5. Sue

    I’ve not heard of Beth Ditto…I wish I still had not heard (or seen pics of) Beth Ditto. Whoa…she’s…whoa what a train-wreck!

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