Remains of the Day: A+ Rod

  • Please remember that Alex Rodriguez is most likely being aided by a cup. [Deadspin]
  • Doogie Howser, aka Neil Patrick Harris, made a surprise visit to CBS’s Big Brother house, surprising houseguests with gifts while wearing a Santa hat. It was only mildly awkward. [TVgasm]
  • Michelle Williams and Queer Eye’s Jai Rodriguez performed one of Michelle’s Destinys Child hits on Fox’s “Celebrity Duets” last night. Nice wig, honey. [Crunk & Disorderly]
  • Feuding rock band Oasis plans to open a chain of hotels across America. “Their plan to install alcohol and cigarettes in every room of their New York hotel, in honour of their track ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ has gone down like a lead balloon because so many people are anti-smoking.” Also not a good idea: a wake up call from frontman Liam Gallagher shouting, “Wake up, you bloody cunt.” [Female First]
  • British ladies beware: David Hasselhoff is on the prowl. He recently claimed he will be searching for a “career-orientated chick” while in the U.K. next month. [PR Inside]